Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spending - Day One

I went to several different shops looking for cheap items and bought the following:

2 bananas - £0.29 (saving £0.09)
2 Braeburn apples - £0.51 (saving £0.19)
2 loaves bread - £1.60 (saving £1.40)
4 pints milk - £1.27 (saving £0.17)

The figures in brackets are how much I have saved from buying in my normal supermarket. I went to three shops and realised that the last shop I went to was probably cheaper for vegetables and milk. I could have saved a further £0.07 had I bought milk from them. Having checked at it seems I could have got the apples cheaper at my normal supermarket, however, now I have realised how much cheaper bananas are than apples (roughly 25p per apple and 17p per banana) I will be buying more bananas and less apples.



earn more moola. said...

I love a bargain myself and really get a buzz when I save money. Great post..

Rachel said...

Thanks. I don't normally like bargains - I prefer not to spend money at all!! However, when it is something you need that is reduced, then that is great.