Friday, July 18, 2008

Earnings so Far

It is just past half way through the month and I realise I have not written much about my earnings this month so far. I have been busy doing some writing - someone has paid me to write a 20,000 ebook, so that has kept me busy! I have finished it now, just waiting for approval from the customer. I have earned more than I did last month already, which is good news. My main earnings were from Google Adsense, some money from selling blogposts and links and some article writing money makes up the main bulk of the earnings so far. I am working hard to get some decent money coming in over the next few months.

I am still working on being frugal too. My credit card this month was about 3/4 of what it normally is and considering my husbands birthday present and birthday lunch plus a car MOT and cost of new tyre were on there, I was really pleased. I would love to keep it below £500 next month but with food, fuel and the car tax and insurance going on there, I think it will be quite a challenge. We are already saving £5-£10 a week just on milk, bread and fruit so that it a great start.


Melanie said...

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Rachel said...

Thank you, I will take a look.