Thursday, July 24, 2008

House Decisions

I had a great conversation with my husband last night. We were watching 'Location,Location,Location' where couples were looking for their 'house for life' meaning the house they wanted to brig their family up in and stay in for the rest of their lives. Watching this made me realise that there are so many positives about my current house that I would love to say here forever. The house seems small when there are lots of guests but for the four of us it is fine. We have a lovely kitchen diner which we designed ourselves and also a small cloakroom which needs refurbishing on the ground floor. The first floor has a lounger diner and a study and the top floor has a master bed room with build in wardrobe which also need refurbishing and an en-suite which we had done up last year and is beautiful. We also have another bedroom and the family bathroom. We have a small yard at the back and a driveway with parking for one car in the front plus a small garage with a Belfast sink and enough storage for logs and a few other things. The house needs decorating throughout and the flooring needs replacing.

We have decided to put priority on paying off the mortgage and then do the work on the house. We were considering converting the loft so that we could ave an enormous master suite, but it would make the house 4 stories which would not be practical and would be very expensive. We have decided to instead, make the old dining room into a single bedroom so that the boys can have a room each. This will be much cheaper ad will mean that we will not take so long to save up to have all of the work done on the house.

I now feel really happy, both about the fact that we do not have to move away and that we have found our ideal home. I am so looking forward to when we have made it look really nice but I know that it will be more fantastic to have paid off the mortgage! I just need to start working harder to bring in the money to pay for it all.

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Anonymous said...

I confess I'm mildly addicted to Location, Location, Location! We've moved many times, mostly because of my husband's job and really it's a soul destroying thing. You rapidly learn that no house is ideal, so your idea of staying put and improving your current house is an excellent idea.