Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love You John Chow!!

I amso excited! John Chow has bought an ad on this website through Entrecard. I really feel like I have arrived now! Thank you John Chow you have made my day.

I have been wondering whether him advertising on my blog may as good for me as me advertising on his. I guess I will never really know, but I will certainly be keeping a close eye on all of my stats and seeing what my traffic is doing.


yanjiaren's blog said...

Great so did I . I guess he likes us Rachel.I am happy about your earnings too. That's great. I need to see where you can help me get writing jobs too. I need some. By the way I started a new blog. I hope you can visit me.
Hugs and keep up the good work.

Rachel said...

Thanks Ellie, I will check out the new blog very soon. The writing work comes through two sources one is and the other is

You should check them out!

Good luck, Rachel

Dollar dude said...


I think JOhncow admitted that you're having a best make money online blog. How many clicks dis you sent from your card. Please look the stats and post the results in the ensuing posts...

Rachel said...

I am getting about 150 drops on my card each day on average. This happens if I make 300 drops on it. I am not doing any advertising at the moment so it is purely from dropping. I plan to build up some credits and then do a mass advertising spree and see whether that shows a significant effect.