Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next Week

Well my husband has next week off work but I am determined to remain focussed. Last time he had a week off, I switched off and relaxed and it took me 3 weeks to start being focussed again and even then I was not fully determined again until this week - so it took 2 months to get back on the ball. I am not prepared for that to happen again, so although I might be taking some time to go out in the day, I will still be working extremely hard and focussing on bringing the money in!


Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
It sure takes alot of motivation to focus on earning. It´s happening the same to me, I won´t have vaccations this year but my hubby has. When he´s around I can´t focus properly.
When you have time could you please guive me some advice about getting my own domain and hosting. I have been looking around a few review sites and blogs but I can´t make up my mind. I guess I need advice from more experienced bloggers, like you. Thanks.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. I´ve been making research about domains in that site. I read a review about them but it wasn´t very positive. The negative points were: They have too many users and now support isn´t that great.
Thanks so much for sharing your oppinion and experience. Cheers!