Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pay to Click

I am a member of quite a lot of pay to click sites. These are website which pay you to click advertisements. Typically they let you click the advertisements once every 24 hours. They pay various amounts and each has a different pay out amount. I thought it might be useful if I did a short review about each one that I am a member of.
This website pays 1 cent per click and the same for referral clicks. You can cash out yo Alertpay or their credit card once you get $10 and there is an opportunity to buy referrals and upgrade membership to get more clicks each days and to get paid more per click.

They pay various amounts per click starting at 1 cent. Most clicks are for this amount. You can only cash out by cheque and you can choose how much the cheque is for with a minimum of $10. You get paid $0.10 per referral and also get a bonus if they upgrade their membership up to five levels deep. Membership upgrades gives more opportunities to click and costs $10 a year.

Daily Clicks
This site has a lot of links to click each day even for members who have not upgraded. They pay 1 cent per click and half that for referrals clicks. You get paid double if you upgrade your membership. Upgraded members cashout at $10 and free members at $25 to Alertpay and USA DebitCards.

This site pays 1 cent per click. You can cash out at $10 to Paypal. You earn $0.05 for every referral that joins up and get 5% of anything they earn or spend on advertising. If they upgrade their membership you earn $1 bonus. Membership upgrades tend to be more beneficial for advertisers.

This used to one of the most popular pay to click sites as you could earn 1 cent per click and cashout when you reached $10. They pay to Alertpay or their credit card but have not been paying out for a long time due to cash flow problems and now by points rather than cash. You can earn more per click if you upgrade your membership, as well as getting a bonus if your referrals upgrade or buy referrals or advertising.

Bux.3This iste pays 1 cent per click and has quite a lots of opportunities to click each day. The minimum amount needed to cash out is $10. You can upgrade to earn more money per click and more clicks. They pay to Alertpay.

This site pays a third of a cent per click and has varying amounts of clicks per day. Minimum payout amount os $5 and they pay to Paypal. You get 30% of what your referrals earn.

This iste pays $0.01 per click and half for referral clicks. The minimum payout amount starts at $2 and increases by $1 per cash out until it reaches $10 when it stays at that levl. payments are made to Alertpay. You can purchase referrals and upgrade your membership and if you do this you will receive higher payments.

Isobel Marco
This is a fairly new website which pays $0.01 per click and just over half of that for referral clicks. The minimum payout amount is $9 and they pay to Alertpay. You can buy referrals and upgrade your membership if you wish to and you will then get more money per click.


Dudekli said...

Few of those sites you listed are bad. When you reach minimum payment it can take up to 6 months before you see any money. (

You should give new sites a chance. For instants, is great and taketheglobe is fabulous :) I received payment from them in few days.

Are you interested in referral exchange? I could join one of your sites if you join one of mine?

Rachel said...

I know that takes a long time to pay out. However, even if it takes me 6 months to get the $2500 I have earned it will be a very good return on the $459 I invested. I don't think I could get that return anywhere else in such a small time.