Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Safety in the Workplace

One thing that really puts me off employing someone to help me with my business is health and safety. As I work from a home which has loads of stairs and children running round, I feel that insurance would be really high and I might be likely to have to pay accident compensation if I did not have expensive insurance.

One thing that I do to protect my customers from health and safety risks is not let them inside the house! I make sure that anyone coming to pick up goods does not come over the doorstep. There have been two exceptions, when people wanted to have a rummage through the stock that I had available and I explained to them before they started that they needed to be careful of the stairs. I have also had a few volunteers work for me who had their own insurance. I gave them both a few pointers with regards to health and safety, warning them to be careful on the stairs and not to leave anything on the floor that could be slipped on or tripped over. I was careful to show them the cables that were possible trip hazards and show them the safest places to leave drinks so they were not likely to be spilt. So even if you are working from home, there are a few simple things you can do to make your workplace safe, not leave trailing cables, keep floors clear of hazards and take care on stairs especially if carrying anything.

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