Friday, July 04, 2008

Spending - Week Two, Day One and Two

I have just managed to get out of my husband how much he spent in Waitrose yesterday, so here is the spending amounts from yesterday, a bit late.

Waitrose shopping
6 pints milk - £2.12
Wallaby Bar - £0.79
2 x fromage frais - £1.30
Iceland shopping
7 small bananas - £1.00
9 small apples - £1.75
mushrooms - £1.00
strawberries - £2.00
My husband had a cooked breakfast at work today costing £1.60 as well. I have not asked him if he bought any chocolate bars at work - I think he is trying to cut them out so I thought it was better not to remind him about them!

Total spending - £11.56

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