Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Traffic Increase

I have recently seen quite a big increase in traffic to this blog. I have been trying several different things in order to achieve this all based on ideas by an online friend - Melbel. The first thing I did was to install the Alexa toolbar. This should help to increase the Alexa rating on my sites, as I visit them most days. Secondly I installed the Stumble Upon tool bar and stumbled my sites and a few others that I liked. I also exchanged stumbles with some of my friends. Lastly and most significantly I signed up to Entrecard. I did explain a little about this in a previous article. I have found that by clicking on other peoples sites they have usually come and visited my site. I was not sure as to how much use this was as it is likely that they just visit the site, make a click and leave again. However, I have found that not only has my traffic increased, but my Adsense click throughs have as well, which implies that my visitors are finding something worth reading in my advertising. I will definitely keep working at Entrecard and hope that the traffic increase can be sustained.


Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. It´s my second month with Entracard and I already saw some results. I have an increase of traffic and comments in my blog, plus better Alexa ratings. Besides this I´ve came across good blogs and made a few friends. The only problem I have is time, I get a bit lost with so much to see. Hope it works for you too.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment, it is great to see that it is working for you. I will certainly persevere with it, but I know what you mean about it taking a lot of time!