Thursday, July 31, 2008

Website Review : Pacific Poker is a website which is part of and their recent software upgrade means that they are now in the same league as all of the top poker websites. They have brand new funky graphics and a points based bonus where you can get up to $400. They also have tournaments every Sunday where they guarantee prizes of at least $80,000. So if you like playing online, then it could be well worth a look.


Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. This Blogerwave website didn´t pay me. My first post was done in 29/5/08. Did they pay you?
A last minute opportunity:
Check out my last post today, maybe you can catch the $50.00 promtion that ends today, 31 July. (I don´t have an affiliate link yet, so the link in my post is a normal one).

Melanie said...

In response to your comment,

It makes larger difference than you'd think. If a site has too many outgoing links, or outgoing links to less-than-reputable sites, your site can dip low in search results.

Rachel said...

Mize - thank you I will take a look. Bloggerwave have paid me and usually within a week.

Melbel - thanks for that information I will certainly take note.