Saturday, July 05, 2008

Week Two Spending - Day Three

I found out that my husband took a pack of doughnuts into work yesterday and they cost £1 so they need to be added into the spending for this week. Normally on a Saturday we do a small shop in Waitrose and we needed milk and pan scourers so promised the boys we would go in. I love it in there as the customers and staff are so helpful and friendly and the boys know all the staff and they always talk to them. Going in there today reminded me of how nice it was compared to Iceland, where we have been shopping, where the staff stacking the shelves pull a face at you if you try to reach something and get in their way. We still went in for milk as they are running their special deal still. This is what we bought:

Home Bargains
6 Pan Scoureres - £0.49 (cost £1.15 for 3 in Waitrose)
2 packets crisps - £0.25
Green Grocers
1 banana - £0.19
Iceland 2 x 4 pint milk - £2.00
2 avocados - £1.59
TOTAL - £4.52

TOTAL SO FAR - £17.08

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