Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Entrecard - My Opinion

I have been using Entrecard for about 3 weeks now. I have found that it has certainly increased the traffic to the two blogs that I have the widget on and my Alexa ranking has increased on both sites too, which is great. My Adsense clicks seemed to have increased t start with but have now gone back to the normal amount - I think that what I thought was a result of Entrecard initially was just the result of stumbling the sites, as this seemed to have a huge effect. It is nice to be getting more comments on my sites. On the downside it does take quite a lot of my time as I like to drop my favourite sites each day as well as everyone who dropped my site the day before. Then I like to drop other sites in my category. I will keep going for now and monitoring but I am not sure whether to pursue it on both of my blogs. I would like to find out whether it effects my page rank although I know that this blog is unlikely to get any page rank in the future due to having sponsored posts on it. My other blog has not yet got page rank so it will be interesting to see whether the traffic helps it to get a good ranking, as I think it deserves it as all of the content is relevant and there are hardly any links out.


Atniz said...


It is getting betting with Entrecard everyday. Try to stick to it. I've listen to your advice on writings and I already make a total of $14 in my second day. This is truly awesome.

I want to ask you to read more on page rank, dofollow and nofollow links. Because, I noticed that your advertisements posts (review post) the links to the advertisers site are dofollow link.

Google gives heavy penalty to those who sell page rank. It is simple, if you dofollow any link that makes you money from it, google will slash back the PR to 0. If you change the link to nofollow, then they might release the penalty rank.

I haven't try it out as we need to spend more time look trough our blog's every single posts, elements, and check all the links whether it has make us some money and is it in dofollow. We need to change this to nofollow and appeal back to google/webmaster/.

Just a suggestion.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the advise, I will give it some thought.

yanjiaren said...

Now I am also learning about no follow and do follow and that takes time. I have two blogs on entrecard and I sell my credits to the article specialist. I have been placing ads on cheap blogs though and that is bringing a few more clicks.

jay said...

If you are doing paid posts and paid links, your clients may require 'do follow'. It's not selling PR if you have no PR to's merely selling a link and anchor text - just bcause google doesn'tlike it may not make a whole lot of difference in the end... You only need PR if you are trying to get traffic from search engines - not a problem if you are getting it from social sites.

Doris said...

I have enjoyed this article. I've use entecard more as a way to see articles I'm interested in from other bloggers like myself. It's interesting to see how many people can use one tool for several different reasons.

I did see my hits go up, but I also found that many of those bounced right off the site, instead of reading and commenting. Entecard is an interesting way to promote your site.