Friday, August 01, 2008

July Earnings

Pay to Blog - £124.25
Pay Per Post - £44.24
Paid Blogging - £22.50
Sponsored Reviews - £6.50
Private Reviews - £28.51
Blogitive - £2.50
Bloggerwave - £15.00
Creamaid - £5.00
Cashback - £4.14
Quidco - £4.14
Writing - £237.53
Article Writing - £237.53
Get Paid To - £21.57
Free cash Money Gifts - £21.57
Other - £126.67
Link sales - £16.97
Matched - £36.00
Money4Banners - £10.00
Waterproof Memo Board Sale - £7.95
Google Adsense - £54.94
Forum Signature Link sale - £0.81

I am happier with my total earnings this month of £514.23. I spent just £5.17 on a monthly subscription to eLance which was where I got a great writing job. I have another one lined up which I will get paid for in August.


bonoriau said...

Congrats, near future your blog surely will be in top 100 make money online blogs

Rachel said...

Thank you, I do hope so!

Atniz said...


You already in different league. Wish you could earn more this August. Happy earning!

Dollar dude said...

Congrats Rachel!!! You will definitely touch the 1000 pounds within couple of months, if you work intensively in elance. They're really helping the freelancers like any other site... ALL THE BEST!!!

Rachel said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I did earn £1300 in April but then things went very slow for a few months, so I am hoping things will get back up to that level again.

Ket said...

Wow! Jealousy! With that amount of earning I would be afford to buy a house in one year plus car in the next.

Rachel said...

Wow I wish it would pay for mine! It just about pays my mortgage interest.