Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Payment from DNeero

I have just had my first payment from DNeero. I had only just reached the minimum payment amount today and the payment was sent, which was fantastic, much better than the usual services of this sort of company. I you are interested in knowing more about them, they are a company which pays you to answer surveys and post the results on your blog. The survey had to be posted on your blog for 10 days and receive traffic for 5 of those days to earn you money. It sounds complicated but it is very easy. You can even paste them on your Facebook page or website, should you wish to. It is well worth taking a look, especially if you like survey sites.


Himoacs Yanjiaren said... long did it take for you to reach it?

Rachel said...

That is a very good question! I think it probably took about 3 months but they did go quiet for a month where there were not so many opportunities for earning, which slowed things down a bit.