Monday, September 29, 2008

The Best Pay to Post Site

There are a lot of sites which pay you to write posts on your blog. They vary in the way that they work and how much they pay. Some will let you bid on jobs and the advertisers decide if they want you. Others will send you relevant work and you can choose whether to do it and some will send you work and you have to do it. It is a site like this that I am naming as my favourite. They are a great site and they pay you $5 per post. This may not seem a lot but you only have to write 60 words and include just one link. It is also convenient as they do not insist that you have an unpaid post in between each one of theirs so you can easily write them in a block which is less time consuming. The best part is that they pay every two weeks by Paypal. They usually pay a little early as well and they pay for the previous two weeks work, so no hanging around for payments, excellent!


MacNessa said...

I deal with a lot of pay to post sites, and you are quite right in saying that Payu2blog are the best. They are my favourite too. So professional, quick to respond, and they *always* pay me out so promptly too. On a Friday morning, when I get up and fire up the old inbox - ka ching there it is right on time every two weeks.

They *rock*. Suffice it to say, I (heart) them :)

Who would you say is your next best favourite?

Rachel said...

Good question! I guess I would have to say Pay Per Post is my next favourite as I have made a lot of money through them in the past but lately not very much at all.

yanjiaren said...

I will try them out with my yanjiaren blog. I will check it out.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for this very valuable tip.
I tried Payperpost for a couple months, and got frustrated with it.
I would, however, like to find some more money making opportunities that involve writing. I will definitely check this out. Great tip!

jay said...

I'm with you Rachel and have posted the same views, PPP are a pain with all their hoop-jumping requirements. PU2B are straight-forward, there is no fuss, no silly images to post, just good old paid posts for good old cash... (what a pity they don't pay for ref's... but then that's how we can say they are good without ulteria motive)

Rachel said...

You have a good point Jay about them not paying for referrals. It also means that they can keep what they pay us up as they do not have to pay a percentage to someone else.