Saturday, September 20, 2008

Contact Lenses

Sometimes I wonder whether I should wear contact lenses instead of glasses. I have never even tried wearing them and I do not really fancy having something in my eye. I also feel that my glasses are part of who I am - I have worn them for nearly 30 years and I would feel lost without them. I think I look odd somehow. I think the final factor for me is the expense and hassle. It seems like people are forever cleaning them, breaking them and taking out insurance on them. My current glasses have lasted me for over 5 years and they take seconds to clean.


Tom - said...

I have been wearing contact lenses for sport for a couple of years now. They take a bit to get used to, but the main thing to get used to as you say is the fact of how you look without glasses after wearing them for so long!

liza said...

just for a change try it ;) hubby used to wear them for years until he had his lasik surgery and he says they are more convenient. ;)