Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Entrecard Experiment

I have decided to start a new experiment this week. I have decided to leave comments on every site that I drop to find out what effect this has on my traffic, comments and Adsense clicks. I am hoping that it might encourage people to spend a bit more time looking at my websites and reading the posts.


Melbel said...

I have found 25% more traffic due to this. That may not seem like much but often I find myself commenting on sites with a "do-follow" tag which gives me backlinks and if they use technorati, a raise on that score.

There are tons of do follow directories if you'd like to comment solely on those types on sites. I do recommend it. I do it all the time and have seen a very positive change on my French blog.

Rachel said...

I am glad that it is working well for you. I have been commenting when I have time and find that people tend to comment back which is really nice and my traffic is beginning to increase.