Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hope for

I have been waiting for a payment since April. I contacted their new customer support service by email and within a few days had a response explaining where to look to find out what dates they were paying. The response was made within a few days and I was impressed. When checking the dates it seems like I will be in the current batch of payments to be made.....fingers crossed.....!!


yanjiaren said...

I hope you get paid too..I asked for cashout since May but nothing. I don't know if I should keep on clicking there or not. I joined another nice ptc owned by a Brit in Birmingham called Spike..He seems like a nice admin..I got my Isabelmarco mug and T shirt through the post lol too..nice quality heheh

Rachel said...

Hopefully if I get paid soon you will be paid just after. I have been paid by them several times before so fingers crossed.