Friday, September 05, 2008

Website Review : Info Pack

My friend asked me to set up a small membership website for her and sent me a list of her current customers in CSV format. After I created the site, I turned to importing the csv data into mysql.I searched for quite some time before coming across the perfect tool! CSV2SQL by automatically converted the CSV data into SQL statements that I could import directly into phpMyAdmin. It was so simple, it took a file name for the input file and a filename for the export file, and a list of field names then it converted the CSV to SQL automatically!

I logged into phpMyAdmin, selected the Import tab and imported the SQL straight into the database.

CSV2SQL converted my CSV to SQL with ease!I also noticed that they had CSV to HTML converter so I tried it too! It did exactly what it promised, made the CSV file into a HTML table I could style up using CSS!

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