Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It seems that Money4Banners (formerly known as Bucks4Banners) are now tightening up on their rules. They no longer allow you to have similar banners running alongside theirs. This is a blow to me as the sites that I have displaying their banners also display banners from other similar looking companies and I am obliged to keep those others. This means that I am likely to lose £10 a month. This was a great little passive income for me and I am trying hard to look for a solution to get around the problem. I have asked whether if I have the banners in different positions on the same page, whether they would consider that to be an acceptable compromise, I am waiting to hear what they say.


Artur said...

Some problem here.
Any luck to get an answer from this people ?

Rachel said...

They said it was and so I changed my web pages so the banners were at the top and all my others were in the footer. I asked them if it was okay and they are now saying it can be the only banner on the page. I asked them if I could possibly change the pages the banners are on and waiting for a response on that one now.