Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Earnings

Pay to Blog - £121.58
Pay Per Post - £57.38
Paid Blogging - £25
Private Reviews - £30.70
Blogitive - £2.50
Smorty - £6.00
Writing - £186.56
Article Writing - £186.56
Get Paid To - £29.17
Free Cash Money Gifts - £29.17
Other - £104.20
Link sales - £0.46
Matched - £15.00
Money4Banners - £10.00
Freebies4webmasters - £10.00
Quidco - £9.35
Adsense - £59.39

This makes a grand total of £466.48 which makes a slightly larger amount than last month which is great. It is nice to be increasing my earnings in the current economic climate.


Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Congrats, it is a very good mark. As usual, you work a lot and deserve every cent.

Rachel said...

Thank you

Cesarous said...


I Received my first monthly payment from Freebies4webmasters, at 1st October, i got only £5.00, and i have two website approved should i receive £10.00? or i have to wait till they pay me the other £5.00 few days after?

Rachel said...

I received £10 as a signup bonus and then they cancelled my membership as they said I had other similar ads on my site. Therefore I do not know when you should expect to be paid, sorry.

Rumpleteazer said...

Very impressive monthly earnings and some good tips on your blog.

Rachel said...


Make a pound said...

freebies4webmasters has started to scam me and other people I know have a look

Rachel said...

Thank you for the warning. I have had no problems with them but it is always good to stay informed about these things.