Friday, October 03, 2008

Spending on Toiletries

I have been spoiling myself a bit recently. I know that I should be saving hard but since losing lots of weight I feel like I want to treat myself and so have bought some nice new toiletries. I got some nice shower gels and facial wash. I had never realised before how expensive face treatments are it seems like acne treatment and wrinkle creams are hugely expensive. I am sure that the beauty industry is taking advantage of people who want to look their best. My father knows a retired man who used to work in the beauty industry and he told him that because the skin is not designed to absorb substances then wrinkle creams cannot really do much good and that a simple Oil of Olay is as good as any anti wrinkle cream. I am so glad that I know this as it has stopped me wasting my money.


yanjiaren said...

That's good you deserve the treat..had problems with my blog and popups and with have only three blogs on there..HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR A WHILE..HUGGLES

The Fitness Diva said...

The health and beauty industry definitely takes advantage of us and preys on our fears of aging and our sense of vanity big time. I try not to buy into it. I find one lotion that moisturizes my skin the way I like, a couple fragrances that aren't too pricey, and tend to stay on the lower end of the price range with my choices. To me, paying $30 and up for some cream makes no sense (unless it can turn you into the Queen of Sheba instantly! ;) ).
Good for you for treating yourself, though. You absolutely MUST give yourself those little rewards every now and then! ;)