Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Christmas will help us out of this Financial Crisis

I am sure most of us are already getting sick of being frugal. I know that a lot of people are already talking about Christmas and I am sure we would like the opportunity to spend some money again. I think that a lot of people are in the situation we are in, where we have stopped buying a few luxuries and paid less off our mortgage but basically not changed the way we are living much. With fuel prices dropping a bit and the interest rates being lowered we should all be feeling more positive and feel happy to spend a bit more for Christmas.

Once spending increases it will inject more money into the economy and we should all start to feel better off. So spend this Christmas and feel not only proud to be buying great gifts for your friends and family but also know that you are doing your bit to help the economic recovery.


Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
I liked your post. What we need is optimism, right?
Although I agree we should buy presents, I will keep mine frugal.
This is a hard decision, but it´s for the sake of our home´s economy.

Rachel said...

Optimism is most definitely the answer, yes. I have not decided what to spend yet. I will see how sales go as Christmas gets nearer.

green not mean said...

I have had a rough year Rchel and hope that enxt year will be better. Things are looking up a bit with three click sites paying me within 48 hours like clockwork and a few writing jobs. I want to spend a bit at Christmas too but will have to wait as my situation is up and down at the moment. Hope you visit my blogs too. My green not mean blog won 150 bucks bonus this month in so I am well chuffed about that.

Rachel said...

I am sorry that things have not been going that well, I think business has been harder to find for everyone. Well done on your bonus.