Sunday, November 09, 2008

Great Contests!

If you are interested in earning some good money then Free Cash Money Gifts could be the site for you. They are a website where you can earn money by completing offers, registering on websites and similar. It is very easy to earn and you can cashout as soon as you make the minimum payout amount of $10. Payments are made daily so you can be paid within 24 hours.

They have some great contests at the moment too:

* Referral contest with a top prize of $100 running until the end of the year
* Offer contest - do 10 offers before 14th November and get $1 bonus
* Offer contest - do 100 offers before 21st November and get $10 bonus
* Most offers by the end of the year wins an X-box

Most contests have at least 3 prizes and so it is well worth having a try - the bonuses always pay out until the closing date, there is no limit.

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