Thursday, November 06, 2008

Losing Faith in Bux Sites

I have decided to give up expecting any money back from and bux3. I have changed my computer and am concerned that if I log in to the sites now they may think it is not me and use it as an excuse to close my account. On the other hand if I do not stay active they may use that as an excuse not to pay. I invested a fair bit into - upgrading membership and referrals I probably spent about $500. I am owed $2700 from them and I have been waiting for my last payment to be paid which I requested in April (It was only for $80). Bux3 I have not invested any money in but they do owe me about $80. I was really hoping for the money I was owed for Christmas but I have lost hope that I will even get the smaller amounts.


The Credit Cruncher said...

that's very disappointing, I can imagine how much that money means...what a pain

Rachel said...

It is disappointing, yes. It would be a fantastic surprise if they did pay up but I am not holding out any hopes.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. It´s a pity, but not really a surprise, remember my comment long ago?
The fact is no business can pay more than it makes, that´s simple math. was promissing more than they could pay.
Maybe the other site will pay you.
A good weekend.
All the best. Mizé.