Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Great December

Well things are going as well as I had hoped this month. The book sales are picking up which is fantastic and I earned over £100 on the 1st of December. Yesterday was a little quieter and I have some family things to do today but I am still really happy and am sure that it will be a great month. I may not be able to pay some mortgage off though as I have my home insurance to pay in January so I will have to keep some money by to cover that cost, but you never know, if things go really well I might still be able to pay another chunk off, especially if interest rates drop again as some of the money I save from my mortgage interest will help towards the insurance. I feel really happy at the moment too - other things are going well too, my weight is dropping, I have a Christmas party at the weekend and the children are getting excited seeing all the Christmas trees and decorations about. I have done most of my shopping so it is all good - looks like December will be a good month all round.

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