Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great Earnings!

This month has been so fantastic so far, I have had lots of blog posts to write and since Friday have written over 100 and earned over $500. I can hardly believe things are so busy as I would have thought the oncoming recession would have halted things for me. My husband has now been in his job for 6 months and has been offered extra work too. He is allowed to go on call overnight and some weekends and he earns money for that. He has done quite a lot of this and not been called out yet and so earned a lot of money for doing nothing. We should therefore see a big increase in our income and with mortgage payments and petrol significantly decreasing and me not spending much on Christmas things should be really good for us over the next few months.

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qiwoman said...

Well done, I have been poorly so haven't done just recovering..where do you write so many blog posts, who gives them to you so many? That is so good..I am happy for you..You have worked so hard..
Happy Xmas..