Friday, December 19, 2008


I think the amount of lawsuits around is getting ridiculous. I think that when people sue other people they just do not seem to think of the consequences. I would be very worried if I was a medical practitioner as to the risk of being sued. I have recently heard about problems with using a shoulder pain pump and patients suing because the drugs caused other problems. I think medical staff work really hard and as long as they are doing their best and have good reason to prescribe that particular treatment then suing is unfair.


Gerald Roberts, AKA Confidant said...

Hello Rachel,

Hope you are well today!

Just a quick comment in reference to your lawsuit article.

Your right however,

Pharmaceuticle companies should take the blame for some of the products they bring to the medical market place, I mean some of them cause serious side effects, even death in some cases, I don't think enough research and testing is done on these products.

And let's not forget their main objective is Money.

Good public awareness article

Keep up the good work.


Gerald Roberts
Macclenny, fl
United States

Xinfinitum said...

Hi Rachel,

I said to my wife three weeks ago that all these lawsuits are going to bring our civilization to its knees. Then I saw a news report a few days ago where someone is suing a friend who tried to rescue them from a car wreck. So now who can be a good samaritan without worrying about getting sued.

One of the people they interviewed said it won't affect people in helping others but it does. We live on a little hill and people couldn't get up it the other day because of ice and I thought I would go put some sand on the hill to help people then I thought wait a minute, if I do and there is an accident I could get sued. So I didn't do it. That good samaritan lawsuit has already begun to have an affect.

People do not know what they are doing or what kind of society they are creating. They have no clue.