Friday, January 16, 2009

Diet Pills

It always amazes me how many diet pills there are on the market. With the economy how it is you would think that it would be much cheaper to just eat a healthy diet and exercise more than buy expensive supplements such as Leptovox. I know that dieting is hard - I have lost several stone about 3 times as I put it back on again but this time I am determined to work really hard to stay fit and healthy and keep the weight off. I think it is the motivation for dieting that is the key factor in success not the method that you use. I know that now I am 35 I really need to start looking after myself and with my mothers recent heart scare it has hit home that if I want to stop myself being at risk I need to stay fit and healthy. Her family have a history of heart problems and cancer and I do not want either, so I use this as motivation. I do have treats but I am far better than I used to be and also much more aware of keeping my family healthy too.


An American in France said...

I just found that this blog wasn't on my favorite's list on technorati - I've definitely just done that. I love this blog. Too bad there's not much fun to be had on mmmtalk these days with all the spam :(

Rachel said...

Thank you very much. I agree with the spam situation not being good. I have been really busy as well, which is good and so have not had much time to be sociable.