Monday, January 12, 2009

More Money Off the Mortgage

We paid another £1000 off the mortgage today. That makes a total of £2000 this month which is fantastic. We had some money in a savings account which was earning nearly no interest, so we decided to move it over. It feels like we are making really good progress on it which is really good.


Melbel's Post-a-Thought said...

That is amazing! Congratulations! I wish I could do with my mortgage what you are doing with yours. My husband is back at work now after his layoff, but I had to quit my job since the money was to low to have to deal with a warehouse full of cockroaches! I make nearly the same writing articles, anyway! Congratulations, really! How much have you got left on it? It's been forever since we've talked - I don't get on mmmTalk so much anymore. Anyway, check this out:

I moved back to blogger and have all my commenting fixed up and everything. I am also working to make bilingual.

Also, you should check out twitter, brings more traffic to my sites than EntreCard ever could!

Mizé said...

Congrats Rachel!
It´s great progress. With prices as they are is great you can make overpayments of this amount.
I guess you must feel very reliefed after each payment.
Gotta visit Melbel too. It´s been a long time.
Good Sunday.

Rachel said...

Every payment does feel amazing, I just wish the total owed was going down quicker. It still seems a lot at 82776 - not even a quarter paid off yet. I sometimes think it would be fantastic if we won the premium bonds and had enough to pay it all off!