Sunday, February 15, 2009

Business Survival

I was talking to a local hairdresser yesterday, while getting the children's haircut about business and the recession. She said she is finding it tough as people are leaving more time between cuts, so it takes longer to cut the hair and so they can fit less people in or run late on their appointments. She said that anpother local salon is laying staff off but she is determined to battle through. She said that she hopes these hard times get rid of all the poorer businesses and the best will continue, but of course some of the good ones are bound to suffer as well. I alsoo know other small business holders and there are all doing well. Someone doing web marketing who is doing better now than ever and someone else doing dog grooming and selling dog supplies and running a Bed and Breakfast who is also doing really well. I am doing better now than ever before. I think that it just shows that it depends what industry you are in and how a positive attitude and determination can really pick out the survivors.

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