Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easter Gifts

It isn't even Mothers Day yet and I am already planning Easter gifts! I will be entertaining on Easter Saturday and I thought it would be nice to give all ofmy guests a small present. I am still not spending much so I will not be giving them very much. I have decided to keep things healthy and not go down the chocolate egg route. I will probably give the children fruit bars and a few small toys and maybe give the men some socks and nuts! I will probably do socks for the ladies as well and give them some sort of fruit snack. I am sure that my husband would love a Rolex Daytona as he has been looking at them but he will be lucky if I get a chance to buy him a gift at all! I will be getting a few wooden painted eggs and decorating a pretty branch with them and then buy some pastel balloons as my children love balloons. I guess I should really be thinking about what food to serve! I think I will probably do a healthy selection of salads and a fresh fruit salad for afterwards. Perhaps I will do a roasted vegetable lasagne or roasted vegetable tart to go with it. I am sure I will think of something!

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