Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Money Off the Mortgage

I had a bit of money hanging around in the current account that I have decided to put against the mortgage. I made the amount in the overpayment account a nice round number so that it was nice and memorable and it stands at £18,000. The amount left on the mortgage is just under £82,000. I am due a few more big payments soon and so hope to pay some more off this month too.


Ness said...

Any word from bux.to? I haven't gotten my payment yet. Still hopeful though!

Rachel said...

I haven't got payment either despite them saying in November that they would pay everyone before Christmas. It is over 9 months since I requested the payment and so I am losing hope. I have not been on the website for ages - I do hardly any Pay to Click now as I am too busy doing better paid stuff ;o)