Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Earnings

Pay to Blog - £296.75
Paid Blogging - £28.00
Blogsvertise - £5.00
Private Reviews - £247.25
Writing - £629.15
Article Writing - £629.15
Other - £8.06
Link Sales - £0.64
Quidco - £0.38
Free Money Cash Gifts - £5.64
Reverse Links - £1.40
Making a grand total of £937.46

I am still outstanding the payments of £271 from one customer and £30 from another that were outstanding last month so I have given up on getting those. However, it was a great month, as you can see. I have been extremely busy to earn that much - working most evenings and weekends when I have been able to.


Kyra said...

Holy cow, how'd you make so much from paid blogging? I'm pretty new at this, I guess, but I didn't know it was possible to do that well.

Rachel said...

My client have hundreds of blogs and I sell links and posts on there as well as my own

2ThePoint said...

Well done, Rachel. Good on ya!

All the best this month.

Anonymous said...

You are doing great Rachel. I am just coming out of a really dark hole and will be starting to refund jemmy soon. I Had to carry both families financially on my own which nearly made me reach meltdown. I am jist three days from launch in Sqip so once that launches and starts paying me I will start refunds. Lots of huggies and well done for all the great income you are earning. i will send a jemmy update within the next few days when I know exactly what is going on. Hubby just last week found a job so once he starts earning I can breathe a bit and focus on the jemmy refunds. I am also getting married inntwo weeks, nothing fancy just bringing a registrar to the house, My dad sent me money to buy a new outfit at least. Found a nice one for 50 bucks! I have to show my Dad at least lol. Will send you an email soon.

Melanie said...

I'm glad that you've done well this last month. I am going to have a TON of writing work for you in the near future. Right now I am testing new keywords. When I have my keywords chosen, I'll have a ton of articles that need to be written and I'll ask you first.

Rachel said...

That sounds fantastic, I am currently working on a job worth $3000+ which is great.

The Credit Cruncher said...

Rachel - you continue to be a leading light - I am always 'bigging you up' when posting about paid bloggers and you never disappoint..
You'll soon be able to buy a horse, and some breeches and your husband's life will be complete...

Rachel said...

He has been looking into extra curricular activities for the boys lately. I am surprised he has not suggested they get riding lessons and I join them....!