Monday, June 01, 2009

May Earnings

Pay to Blog - £114.10
Paid Blogging - £22.44
Private Reviews - £47.20
Linkworth - £38.70
Blogsvertise - £5.76
Writing - £905.84
Article Writing - £905.84
Other - £69.44
Link Sales - £66.64
Quidco - £2.80
Making a grand total of £1165.78

My big job ended early so I didn't get so much as I expected but I had other work through instead and am still very pleased with the amount that I earned.


ebele said...

Well done, you! Here's to an equally (if not better) month.

take care...

Melbel said...

Where do you sell your links? You bring in a good amount each month and I was kind of wondering if, if you don't mind, this is something I can get into.

Rachel said...

I tend to use digital point forum most of the time. I sell links for a year and these were mainly renewals from previous customers which was good. I also earn commission selling links on sites for a client and I also use digital point for that.