Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spending Again....

We have decided that we need some major purchases for the house and that if we can get them now, while prices are low, we will. We have decorated the house and bought cheap storage boxes, paint and equipment and have managed to save a few hundred pounds which was good - probably about 10% in total. We are now making a much bigger commitment. We have decided to replace all of our windows and doors. We are getting about 23.5% off the list price and of course saving 2.5% VAT which could go back up again next year. We are also getting interest free credit on 75% of the cost which will be great. It is £11500 altogether, which is a lot of money that we could have paid off our mortgage. However, we do have large draughts in the house - there are gaps in the doors you can see through and we cannot safely open many of the windows in the summer. This means we are often too hot or too cold in the house and these are not good conditions for us to live and work in. We will probably have them done in late August and so will have to come up with the deposit then, which means no money off the mortgage until at least after then. We will also have to pay about £750 a month for the next year which could again mean not a lot off the mortgage. Hopefully interest rates will stay low and premium bonds will keep winning!

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