Sunday, July 19, 2009

Book Sales

I have found that book sales have almost completely dried up now. This was quite a main part of my business and I have noticed that there is only one seller on eBay as well as me selling them. In a way I think that I should keep going and then I will get all of the business to myself but if there is not any business to be had I will be losing money in stock sitting on my shelf and also paying out on eBay fees for nothing. I have left them on Amazon as there is no listing charge and just hops that they will sell eventually. I was going to start selling more again around Christmas but I think that is a big risk as some people start shopping in September and others leave it until December so that is a big time period for listing things over. I think I will just leave it for a while and hope that I can do well with the writing and other money making methods.

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