Monday, July 06, 2009

Making Money

Making money is quite tricky at the moment. My profits were down in June and I assumed this was because I was not fully focussed due to decorating and poorly children. I have just sat down today, knowing that I have a whole week to concentrate on working, before the children are on holiday and there does not seem to be very much work around. I hope that it is just because of the 4th July holiday and things will pick up as I really need some work this month! If anyone has any work they need doing or has any ideas of things to do then I will be most grateful if you contact me, thank you.

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jay said...

You are right, it seems to be a struggle to make money online at the moment, fortunately for me, I have done a few cassettes to CD's lately and I make more doing that than doing paid posts.
My latest adsense project seems to be working and I have come across a demon deal for hosting which may mean I can start loads of adsense projects for the cost of a single hosting package - if it works out I'll be sure to let you know...