Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Ways To Make Money

I have been brain storming ways of making money and I wondering whether selling something different to books might be good. I already have a good reputation on eBay and Amazon and so I can work on that and I of course know how to use the sites to sell things. I considered that I need stock which is small, something such as jewellery, weight loss supplements or beads. However, I know nothing about any of these areas. The reason that I went in to book selling was because I know about books and the second hand book market. I am unsure as to whether people are really buying very much at all at the moment and so I am considering that maybe I will leave the sales side at the moment and just hope that I can sell advertisinga nd my writing and that will be enough to make some money. At least I will only have to invest time and not money into those projects.

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