Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Goals

I have been giving some thought to setting new earning goals to motivate me. I really would love to earn £30k a year before tax, which I know is a lot of money, but could help me to pay off the mortgage in two years, which would be fantastic. I think that I will need to come up with a lot of new money making ideas in order to earn this much as it is £150 a day which I have hardly ever achieved.I do the following things at the moment:

Write articles
Sell waterproof memo boards
Sell blog posts on my blogs
Sell links on my websites & blogs
Sell blogposts on someone elses blog
sell links and posts on a clients blogs
I find that selling links is the best way to make money because there is very little work involved in doing the job. However, you do need a good site to sell the links on, which is where the hard work comes in. Selling links on clients sites is good as I get commission but do hardly anything. Perhaps this should be a place that I should start to work on. I think I also need to think of some ideas of new things to do and this is what I will concentrate on thinking about over the weekend.

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