Monday, September 07, 2009

Bathroom Disaster!

My husband fitted a new loo in our main bathroom a while ago to save the money for the plumber because the loo had stopped flushing. I discovered yesterday that the waste has been leaking and the carpet is ruined. We have decided to get a quote in to see how much it will cost to have the whole bathroom done because the shower tiles have fallen off, the bath is breaking and we need a sink with vanity under with more storage. Of course we also need new flooring now as well and we will change the tiles too. We are still paying for the windows over the next year so will have to cash in some premium bonds which are supposed to be being used to pay for the mortgage which means we may not be able to pay it off early. It is a job that we are likely to have needed to do before the mortgage was paid off anyway and so it seems like it might be worth doing it now when perhaps things are still a bit cheaper. We will see how much the quote is for and then decide what to do.

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