Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have been looking at Clickbank to see how to go about selling my book through them. They take a small commission for each sale which is fine. They also have a one off charge of $50 to add your first book to their database. I am a bot concerned about this as it is a lot of money to spend if you do not sell any. I am also still concerned about the fact that they pay by cheque and I will be trying to change it to a bank transfer if I can. I also downloaded a free ebook from their site and it was very simply laid out - basically a word document with headers footers and contents page which has been exported as a PDF. I assumed that I would have to pay someone to do the layout and pictures but it seems that will not be necessary. This will help to save some costs but I am not sure how happy I am about selling this type of inferior quality book as I have always made my ebooks really high quality.


All Things Tech said...

Hey Rachel, Clickbank might be good in the future, but dont shell out money you haven't earnt yet, Also your google ads, change it to the reccommended setting. If your going to sell something really sell it!, Also if your on facebook or twitter get your blog's from here linked in. Its what i am doing, I've had no results yet but it wont take long, just hard work. Keep up the good work, and keep the posts coming

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tips, I will certainly have a think about everything that you said. I have been pondering the Clickbank issue all weekend but now have work to do for other people so have to get on!