Sunday, September 06, 2009

Plan of Action

I am aware that with the boys starting school on Thursday, that I am in a position where I no longer have any excuses for not getting back to work. Having a bit of a break has left me feeling rested and keen, which is great. I have got a selection of things that I want to do this week to get me started: 1) Go to and apply for a new credit card to earn some cashback (I will not use the card) 2) Go to digital point forums and see if anyone wants to buy links on sites like mine or ones my clients have 3) On digital point forum look for writing work 4) Look on eLance for writing work 5) Advertise on digital point forums, the website review sites that I have. Offer free short reviews in swap for a link back but also offer paid reviews to those who want more detail and more links. This should help page rank and may bring in some money 6)Write a few more articles for hubpages to see if I can get some adsense money from them 7) See if I am near to cashing out on Freecashmoneygifts website and if so do some more offers to get paid I also need to continue to do all articles appearing on a paid blogging site, check for paid survey opportunities on pureprofile and be careful with my spending.

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