Monday, September 07, 2009

Progress with work

I have been working through my plan of action today :

1) Go to and apply for a new credit card to earn some cashback (I will not use the card) - I applied for a Vanquis card which should give me £25 cash back

2) Go to digital point forums and see if anyone wants to buy links on sites like mine or ones my clients have - I have done this and am waiting for responses

3) On digital point forum look for writing work - I have had a look and it seems that posts are filled very quickly so I need to apply as soon as they appear and have the time to complete the assignments immediately so this may need to wait

4) Look on eLance for writing work - I have applied for two jobs on elance.

5) Advertise on digital point forums, the website review sites that I have. Offer free short reviews in swap for a link back but also offer paid reviews to those who want more detail and more links. This should help page rank and may bring in some money. - I ended up just advertising the paid articles and have sold one so far.

6)Write a few more articles for hubpages to see if I can get some adsense money from them - I have not yet started this as I am so busy with everything else!

7) See if I am near to cashing out on Freecashmoneygifts website and if so do some more offers to get paid - I have only five cents in my account so I will leave dong anything on there as it will take too long.

8)I also need to continue to do all articles appearing on a paid blogging site, check for paid survey opportunities on pureprofile - This has been checked today and there was nothing

9) Be careful with my spending.
- this is the hardest one I think - especially as the children want to go to Waitrose later to buy fruit bars.....


jay said...

keep at it - I managed to pick up a $15 a month banner-display deal on a blog this week - I just hope this turns into a long-term arrangement - a few more like that would be nice...! let the boys have fruit bars - at least they're not asking for Nintendo's...

Rachel said...

Good for you on getting a banner deal - it is hard at the moment earning anything! Good point about the Nintendos, the school uniforms were expensive enough, then there were the new windows and now a new bathroom.....goodbye mortgage repayments......

Melbel said...

The HubPages thing can be really lucrative. Just keep plugging along. It's something great to do when there is less writing work. I am melbel on there, keep a lookout for me. I've taken all my blogs down and have concentrated my efforts there.