Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Earnings

Pay to Blog - £84.85
Paid Blogging - £19.25
Private Reviews - £65.60
Writing - £189.00
Article Writing - £189.00
Other - £110.18
Link Sales - £0753
Quidco - £7.70
Linkworth - £19.25
Waterproof Memo Boards - £32.50
YouGov - £50.00
Making a grand total of £384.03

This was slightly up on last month and I actually enjoyed being less busy and having time to spend with the boys before they start school next week. I have some plans for trying to make more money once they are back at school and this will probablys tart to make a significant difference in October really.


Adil said...

Congrats. Best of luck for future earnings...

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel,
I just wished PayU2Blog would accept any of my blogs but they never answer my applications.
All the Luck for future profits!
Hugs, Mizé