Monday, September 14, 2009


I sold a link on another of my blogs today. I charged $5 a month and so the person signed up with a Paypal subscription. This was the first link I have sold like this and it was really exciting. Obviously they can cancel at any time but at the moment it means that I am having a regular $5 in a month. It got me to thinking as to whether I could get any more, perhaps for something else, in order to bring in a regular income. I have thought about a few options, maybe sending out a regular newsletter on a particular topic which people would pay for, maybe with new tips for making money each month. Maybe starting some sort of on line healthy eating group, where people pay to be a member and they will get website access to recipes, tips, forum etc. The newsletter is simpler as if they cancel their subscription then it is just a matter of stopping the email going out, but with a website they would somehow have to have their access stopped which is rather too technical for me. I will keep thinking.....

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