Thursday, October 01, 2009

September Earnings

Pay to Blog - £54.45
Paid Blogging - £16.50
Private Reviews - £37.95
Writing - £86.91
Article Writing - £86.91
Other - £0.79
Link Sales - £0.69
Quidco - £0.10
Making a grand total of £142.14

I am pretty disappointed iwth this but am notgoing to dwell on it. I have already found some new writing work and with the children doing some full days at school now, I have no excuses for not getting my head down and working. There do seem to be the opportunities out there now so hopefully I can make a vast improvement on this figure next month.


Melbel said...

How is AdSense doing for you?

Rachel said...

I am earning about 7GBP a month at the moment so not that good really.