Monday, October 12, 2009


Work has been really slow lately. I have made no progress with the doubling either. I have now received my new book stock and so I am obviously hoping that I can make some money from those and I have now got them listed on my Chalet School website. I have them on Amazon and may try them on eBay as well to see whether they will do well or not. The writing work is still very quiet, despite signing up with a new company and a new client. I have a feeling that I may need to get thinking about doing something different again, but I am not sure what!

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ebele said...

Hello Rachel,

I'm sorry things are slowgoing for you in the earnings department. I've had low-earning months over the past few months too.

I don't know if you've ever heard of a review site called, but it might be a good way for you to earn money online. You get paid to make comments about certain sites you've used (survey sites, GPTS, hosting companies, internet-marketing products/sites). Approved comments pay b/w $0.50-$1.50 each. It's not a lot, but I've made about $70 from it since I joined in August.

You can read more about the site on my blog as I've done a detailed write-up about it there.

Other Ideas:

- do you have any used books you can get rid of on Amazon

- i've heard is a potential earner. I'm giving it a go at the mo'. It's a bookmarking/article-writing site that pays via Adsense.

- might be worth you joining (it's free to join). You get sent ideas for setting up a niche blog/site along with already-written articles you can use for a particular niche. I'm yet to utilize them but I do get a new niche idea posted to me every so often (not every day as the title suggests).

Anyway, good luck. Hope the month ends good for you on the earnings front.

Take care...