Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Holiday

My husband has decided that for his fortieth birthday next year he would like us all to go abroad on holiday. The children have never been abroad so it will be exciting for them and he thinks it will be good experience for them. We have been trying to decide where to go as I think a long flight might be too much for the first time so I didn't h with his suggestion of New York. I have family abroad in places which are too far away and aso to keep the cost down we have decided that a package such as iberostar in Europe could be best. We may only be going for a weekend too so a long travel time seems rather a waste of time. Another consideration has been Eurodisney at Christmas time as that is our 10th wedding anniversary but I think we will have to look at the cost first.

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Marisela said...

Hello from California!

You can always come to the very first (and in my opinion) the very best disney!

Disneyland in Anaheim, California!