Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October Earnings

Pay to Blog - £46.10
Paid Blogging - £28.80
Private Reviews - £17.30
Writing - £128.71
Article Writing - £128.71
Other - £38.35
Link Sales - £17.19
Quidco - £21.16
Making a grand total of £213.16

This is an improvement on last month and considering I did very little for the eight days that the children were off school for half term, I am very happy. I hope to have a great month, this month as they are at school full time and I have my new writing contract to fulfill. It is all very exciting!


Melbel said...

Congratulations on the earnings! Here's to hoping Christmastime earnings are up!

Rachel said...

Thank you, I hope that they will be too!